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Be Happy And Debt Free

It\'s Simple!

You MUST take control of your life and make changes to reach the destination you dream about!

Donít just think about it! Take action and take control of your life!

When you are in control, you are able to overcome obstacles and identify capabilities deep inside you that until now, you did not know existed!

Be Simply Living and Debt Free is your guide to evaluating your life as it is right now and identifying the changes you need to make in the most important areas. Whether you\'re struggling financially, emotionally, physically, or spiritually, this must have manual provides a wealth of specific strategies you can use now to re-route your life\'s road map and live the life you always dreamed of living!

Positive Self-Talk and Reinforcement is Your Strongest Ally When it Comes to Making Changes in Your Life!

Dear Friend,

Simple living. It\'s not about things; it\'s about beliefs and principles. We talk about four major areas of life associated with \"wealth\" in this book:

1. Financial wealth
2. Mental (emotional) wealth
3. Physical wealth
4. Spiritual wealth

All of these areas of your life are interrelated and interconnected in some way. How \"wealthy\" you are in each area is most likely determined by your values and goals. When you approach life with goals that are incongruent with your values, you create confusion and anxiety for your body, your mind, and your life!

Conflicting values and goals can lead to unhappiness, insecurity, stress, depression, and both mental and physical illness. But when you establish goals that are driven by your true values, then you have greater harmony and peace in your life. Read on to discover how you can simplify your life and lead a debt free, simple lifestyle.

Did You Know?

Consumers have accumulated more than $2.2 trillion in purchases by using major credit cards in the past year!
Credit card debt grew by 315% from 1989 to 2006!
Over 80% of college graduates finish school with credit card debt!
Debt, like weight gain, often sneaks up on us. The truth is, debt happens one purchase at a time; one decision at a time.

Beginning the process of living simply happy and debt free requires that you identify your values. Keep in mind that values are the things you strive for in life and they should be a beacon of light to you in everything you do. Your values shine before you and light your path to reach your goals!
For many people, only a life-changing or catastrophic event can ignite the passion and fire within them. Itís unfortunate that so many people travel aimlessly through life because they havenít taken time to align their values and their goals. They arenít willing to make changes until they are forced to make them because of an occurrence in their lives.
Wouldnít you rather have control over your own situation rather than wait for debt collectors to knock on your door, or find your job is being eliminated and you have no savings to fall back on, or having a heart attack because youíre overweight and unhealthy? If you\'ve lost control over your finances or other areas of your life, you can get it back now. Take charge!

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